Health~Holland Update: From Waiting Room to Living Room

The demand for care is increasing. Healthcare in the Netherlands is still well organised and easily accessible, but it is not future-proof in its current organisational form. To keep our healthcare system accessible to all Dutch people, we must offer health and care in a new way: more at the patient’s home, more in collaboration with our own network, with the patient at the centre. And most importantly: fit to the need of the patient.

Mission II of the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy for the Social Theme Health and Care therefore reads as follows: In 2030, care will be organised 50% more (or more often) in one's own living environment (instead of in care institutions), together with the network around people. This change is already apparent in a number of areas, such as mental health care, dialysis care, youth care and care for the elderly. The first steps have been taken, but there is still a lot of progress to be made.

How does care in one's own living environment look like? What role do citizens, knowledge institutions, entrepeneurs and the government play? Read this Health~Holland update to find out! 

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From Waiting Room to Living Room